Some Things For Reading and Knowing

This is the photo that appears with the ABC News story on Ed Oakley. All I can think about is, Does Ed have the same trouble with that pair of Nike glasses as I do?

ABC News wants you to know: Ed Oakley is gay. Most commenters to said story either don't care or care way too much.

The Independent in the U.K. thinks FC Dallas plays in a stadium with a funny and rather unappealing name: "Pizza Hut Park may sound like a nightmarish option for keeping the kids entertained at half-term."

Mark your calendars: Today, from 3 till 8 p.m., XM Radio's Channel 6 will reproduce the sounds of Dallas in the 1960s by turning into KLIF. It promises: "the radio station jingles from the 60’s, recordings of the DJs and announcers, and chatter about Dallas and Dallas-area high schools, restaurants, concerts, and hangouts. And of course, you can hear the classic songs that the station played during the fabulous 60’s." If you don't have XM radio, you can always tune in online -- for nothin'.

Then, right after that, tune into the SPEED Network, which will broadcast live from the Texas Motor Speedway the Sam's Town 400 -- 167 laps of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series yee-haw. And keep an eye out for Chris Wimmer in the No. 76 Chevy Silverado -- it's the truck built and owned by local boy Jeff Milburn, who'll be somewhere on the track hoping he doesn't catch on fire. --Robert Wilonsky

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