Someone Needs an Income Tax Extension

The United States Department of Justice is suing Farai Mushaninga, who operates FW Hawk Services and FW Hawk Taxes in Dallas, claiming the guy has screwed the Internal Revenue Service out of nearly a million bucks. Seems that since at least year, his more than 1,000 filed tax returns aren't so kosher. Example?

"The government’s complaint alleges that Mushaninga fraudulently prepared a return for one customer, a cashier, claiming that she bought 19,050 gallons of gasoline for business-related purposes. The suit notes that for such a claim to be accurate, the cashier (whose total income for the year was $392) would have had to spend approximately $41,910 for gasoline that year -- nearly 110 times her total income -- and would have to have driven approximately 381,000 miles during the year, an average of 1,084 miles each day, seven days a week."

Wuh-oh. I dunno about you, but if you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to make a phone call to the missus. --Robert Wilonsky

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