Sooner Than Later, Those Round, Green Tollroad Signs Will Be Tossed Forever

About a year ago, the North Texas Tollway Authority announced that it had chosen a new "trailblazer" design for its signs -- that's one of them at right, matter of fact, in a photo taken over the weekend by friend of the show Justin Cozart. But till Justin mentioned it in an e-mail to Unfair Park earlier this week, guess I'd somehow missed the mention that the NTTA would be ditching the familiar green Dallas North Tollway signs that have been in use for at least the last 30 years. Writes Justin, "People never notice stuff like local road signs until they're gone."

Sure enough, NTTA spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt tells Unfair Park, those old signs -- which are replaced every eight years -- are on their way for good. Their replacement was scheduled for this year, but budget cuts put their adios on the back burner. Coffelt says today that "we hope to get them all replaced in next year's budget," at which point the little green signs will be tossed in favor of the "more universal trailblazer signs," Coffelt says.

Which leads to my next great idea: Auction! Everyone else does it.

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