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Sorry, But Michael Young Isn't an All-Star in 2010

While June begat nothing but good news and great play for your Texas Rangers, July so far is about as much fun as a Roman Candle to the belly button.

They were thumped by the lowly Cleveland Indians Monday night and have now lost five of seven after that 13-1 stretch. Out of nowhere their starting pitching sucks and the offense has produced three runs or less in a season-high five consecutive games.

Not exactly searching for the panic button, but are we concerned? At the very least, let's admit that the folks that called last week's series-opening loss to the Angels in Anaheim the "beginning of the end" don't look as foolish this morning.

And another thing, this "I Like Mike" campaign is cute and all. But here's saying it shouldn't work.

We all know Young is a good player and a great guy, but this year he shouldn't be an All-Star. The Rangers already have five. The Angels, who host the game and trail Texas by just 3.5 games in the AL West, have just one in outfielder Torii Hunter. You get a 6:1 ratio and all of a sudden Anaheim has bulletin-board motivation. The Rangers having six All-Stars would be akin to the Dallas Cowboys having 13 Pro Bowlers - each about 1/4th of their rosters - and we all know how that worked out.

Young is battling Paul Kornerko, Nick Swisher, Delmon Young and Kevin Youkalis for the last spot and fans will award the spot via voting right here that ends Thursday at 3 p.m. I know Young this season set the franchise record for hits, triples, multi-hit games and 10-game hitting streaks, but I think Youkilis is more deserving.

Young is hitting .306 with 11 homers and 51 RBI to Youkilis' .299 with 17 and 55. The difference is defense. While Youkilis plays first base in Boston, Young has been mediocre at third in Texas.

Sunday he made two errors to raise his total to an alarming 12. Last season's Gold Glove winner - Tampa's Evan Longoria - made 13 all season. Oakland's Eric Chavez committed six during the '06 season. To put it in perspective, Young's made two more errors than Rangers' shorstop Elvis Andrus, in 160 fewer chances.

Not saying Young is yet a liability at third, just not good enough be an All-Star. But the fans will decide.

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