Sorry, DMN, But What, Exactly, Is "Progressive" About Mike Huckabee?

Sorry, DMN, But What, Exactly, Is "Progressive" About Mike Huckabee?

Well, thank goodness, I got a long irate e-mail from a friend this morning, so I know I’m not totally nuts. She started off: “Just when I thought I could no longer be shocked and amazed by the DMN, I read that they are endorsing Huckabee, the nimrod who doesn't believe in EVOLUTION, for god's sake.”

So I wasn’t crazy. I read The Dallas Morning News editorial this morning and just about fell out of my chair. The editorial, which I couldn't locate online, says: “We encourage primary voters to mark their ballots for Mr. Huckabee… The Republican Party is going to need Huckabee, a progressive conservative with a pastor’s heart, to lead it toward renewal.”

I guess it’s my fault for missing this when they did it originally. The News endorsed Huckabee on February 7. But I still can’t believe it. This has to be the work of News editorial board member and resident right-wing wingnut Rod Dreher, whose last offering was a long column lamenting the fact that civilized people don’t fuck as much as primitive people.

Sorry, folks. The evolution thing is just not a debate. You can say it is because this is a free country and you can say whatever you want, but you will be 100-percent dead wrong. Evolution is fact. People who don’t believe in facts are retarded. Huckabee may not really be a retarded person, but he plays one on TV.

Hey, I say go for it! The right-wingers keep saying the Dems can’t elect a woman or a black guy. How about if the woman or the black guy is up against a flat-earth nimrod?

I just can’t believe The News would do this to itself. Is it possible Dreher misspells his own last name and is really Robert Decherd’s dyslexic nephew? --Jim Schutze


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