Bowling for Soup will spend Halloween taking online questions from teens. That, my friends, is the true definition of frightening.

Sounds Spooky. Ish.

You guys remember Bowling for Soup, right? They wore powder-blue tuxedos to the Grammys once and used to write songs with lots of pop culture references and catchy hooks.

Well, they're back. Kind of. Some Finnish website thing for teenagers, Habbo.com, is interviewing the Dallas band today at 5 p.m. on their snazzy Internet radio site, bobbamusic.com.

Habbo itself is like a SecondLife-lite. You create a little animated character (a "Habbo") and run around in a pre-made virtual environment. My first stop? The pub, of course. I tried to get a pint and a shot of Jack, but the bartender wasn't very cooperative. Maybe they'll get things rolling by the time Bowling for Soup signs on.

BFS will be joining the ranks of musical greats like Weird Al and Sugarcult, who've also done Bobba interviews recently. No doubt they'll be giving valuable insight into their most recent record, The Great Burrito Extortion Case, in stores next Tuesday. What burrito? What extortion? What musical value? Your burning questions. Answered. --Andrea Grimes

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