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Speaking of Slippery Roads ...

More than likely, the Dallas City Council will spend at least the next month re-examining the plan to expand Central Expressway downtown. Council member Angela Hunt called Unfair Park with the news late last night: She has spoken with Ricardo Galceran, head of the city's Public Works and Transportation department, and with his blessing will ask the council to remove approving the route alignment from today's action-packed agenda. Pending the council's vote, Hunt wants to discuss the plan further with, among others, DowntownDallas president and CEO John Crawford, architect and Greater Dallas Planning Council board member Larry Good and other downtown stakeholders, some of whom have expressed concerns that the expressway's expansion was in direct opposition to the sort of foot-friendly development for which they had hoped.

"I am very comfortable with the general concept," Hunt says, "but I am concerned it isn't following the spirit of what downtown stakeholders had envisioned for this boulevard. We want to create a pedestrian-friendly, beautiful entry into downtown." Hunt figures a project that's been discussed for four years, at least, can withstand another month's worth of discussion: "We'll all sit down and make this a better product."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.