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Never met "mark perez". Perhaps in his personal life he's a fine fella. But on this here blog he's, well, um - how do I put this delicately? - he's a bit of a as... curmudgeon. To say the least.

I've been through lovers' quarrels with a bunch of you guys on here, most last a day or a week or maybe a month. But two years? Got to hand it him, he's consistent. "mark perez" hates everyone and everything right now all the time. Over two years and 62 comments, not a single positive word. Only spite. Venom. Hate. Toward Greggo. Russ Martin. Me. Corby Davidson. The Ticket. Me. Strip clubs. Me some more. The Dallas Desire. The Dallas Observer. Me again. And, in the end, me.

Swear I don't owe the guy money or even a debt of gratitude for landing me either of my two gigs. Honestly, I dunno ...

I feel sorry for someone who's so addicted to something he so hates. I appreciate his dedicated patronage of The Sportatorium, and at the same time I wish I loved anything half as much as "mark perez" loves hate.

I envision "mark perez" thusly: Going to Krispy Kreme every morning, ordering a dozen and then peeling out of the drive-thru while screaming: "I hate you for making donuts! Almost as much as I hate myself for loving donuts!!"

As an olive branch, I'll give the guy his 15 seconds of fame infamy. (Any doubt he'll have something negative in response?) Wanna feel like a positive, optimistic, glass-half-full person? Enjoy the vitriolic stylings of "mark perez.":

racist greggo did poorly and looks like a drug addict and hoping he is never back on the air - May 19, 2008

"Gordo is by far the funniest guy on Dallas radio." That isn't a compliment to gordo but more of a testament to how bad radio is in Dallas - June 5, 2008

Test Racist Gerggo because he is looking high. Look at those blank eyes. Love how Mike laid out on him when crack addict greggo tired to make a point about tiger not having a scottie pippen. - June 15, 2008

LOL greggo talking about someone being tested for drugs? Then he goes off on Pac Man. Hey Greggo deal with your own issues (which you have proven you aren't strong enough) before you talk about others. - June 15, 2008

remember the Corby has never been in the real world. He went from his rich world up ringing in his child hood to talking about boobs, beer, and sport (in that order) in his adult hood. So to think he would act like a normal person is something you need to put of your mind. But I am glad they will have nothing to do with racists greggo - June 11, 2008

In your previous QA and your story you wrote "One of my biggest complaints with how Greggo was treated. He says he actually signed the diminished contract, tail fully between legs." Did he show you this contract? I would assume like any contract I have had to sign he would get a copy. Remember racist greggo has admitted to being a liar. - July 12, 2008

god I hope this is true and this is the end of one most worthless radio personalities (russ martin). - July 19, 2008

sorry to the young lady BUT THANK GOD that this low life loser (martin) is now losing everything. - July 21, 2008

please let this be the end of this jackass - July 22, 2008

It is not good to see him (Greggo) get a second chance. There are people all over the place that don't get started in the worthless crap that lost him his job and those people don't get first chances. He needs to get the hell out of town and be a worthless radio host some where else. - Aug. 27, 2008

I wish racist greggo complete failure and that he has a relapse of his drug habit if it hasn't happen already - Sept. 4, 2008

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