Spot On

Reggie Rueffer, left, and brother Chad are still performing, long after Mildred and Spot went adios.

Received an e-mail earlier this week from Phil Lee, a filmmaker producing a doc about one of my favorite local bands from way, way back -- Mildred and its follow-up Spot, both of which featured brothers Reggie and Chad Rueffer. The bros have another project, Hochimen, that's two albums in; samples from its releases can be checked out at the band's MySpace page. The boys have been performing together for 25 years -- that alone astounds the hell outta me.

But Lee's also got a site devoted to Spot, which released one album in 1995 and then busted up after it got crushed to death between two feuding record labels (Ardent and Interscope) and their lawyers. On the page you'll find a trailer for the forthcoming DVD, Deconstructing Spot, which will also include footage from a recent reunion concert. Spot's story more or less serves as a history lesson (and cautionary tale) for the Dallas music scene in the mid- to late 1990s, when every local band was getting gobbled up and ground up by a ravenous music biz. Some footage from the reunion show in Fort Worth's down below, during which Spot -- which, yeah, always did sound like a cross between XTC and Funland -- performs its terrific single "Moon June Spoon." --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.