Stake & Ail

Now, see, if that were a real Bennigan's ad after the jump, maybe they'd still be open. Alas. Me, I'll miss Steak & Ale far more than Bennigan's. Haven't been to either in decades, but Steak & Ale was the most affordable "fancy" first-date restaurant I could find back in high school. Wonder how the eatery's founder, Norm Brinker, feels about its demise this afternoon. Because a year ago, this is what Mr. Chili's had to say about opening the first Steak & Ale:

"There were just a handful of restaurants in Dallas. I created it to appeal to a broad base. I wanted the waiters and waitresses to have fun. I also put in the salad bar for two reasons: one, it provided customers with something to do while they waited for their orders, and two, the salad bar was open to the kitchen, so you could see your steaks being cooked. These were big, big steaks. By the time the guests got back to the table, they were really keyed up for a great experience."

And now, on to the ad of the future for a chain of the past. --Robert Wilonsky

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