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Standard Remnants Slowly Digesting

Here it goes again: Will Uptown upchuck another one? Lay odds now. Turns out the space that once hosted now-at-the-Mansion-on-Turtle-Creek chef Tim Byres' Standard is now in the clutches of one Larry Lavine. You know him. He founded a little restaurant called Chili's. Also Tia's Tex-Mex. Now he operates this. And this. But what does he want now?

Lavine plans to build a tavern empire, opening hoity-toity wetting holes tweaked and tucked to individual metro neighborhoods. Lavine's project shaping up in the former Standard/Stolik/Martini Ranch corner will be called Strong's Everyday Tavern, and it will serve burgers, ribs and entree salads beginning in early July after the space is gutted, the mezzanine is shrunk and the stairway along the front is pushed out of the way. His next tavern encampment target: Grapevine.

That corner space has been a jinx for the last couple of years. But the condo encroachment should juice it up a bit. What's that adage? Oh, yeah. Pioneers get shot, and settlers get rich. --Mark Stuertz

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Robert Wilonsky
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