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Stanley Who?

So, look. I know it seems like we've posted plenty about Neiman Marcus' 100th -- too much, no doubt, not gonna argue. But something about yesterday's posting, concerning Neimans' YouTube docs, is driving me a bit nuts -- chiefly, the fact that the docs barely mention the late Stanley Marcus, with whom the store is synonymous to even locals who never stepped fancy foot in the dump. He's mentioned, like, once? And he's not seen, except for a few cameos in old black-and-white photos that race by in the blink of an eye.

Before I posted yesterday, I didn't watch all the docs; life's too short for Zac Posen. But last night I received several e-mails from Friends of Unfair Park who watched the complete series and asked the same question: Where the hell is Mister Stanley? Well, Neimans ain't talking, but word is Burt Tansky, president and chief executive officer of The Neiman Marcus Group, did not want Stanley prominently mentioned -- it's his company, damn it. Mister Stanley's gone, and it's all Master Tansky's. Enough about the ghost, already.

And people are noticing. And they ain't happy.

Some 50,000 people had seen the first film yesterday morning; now it's past 200,000. And among them are plenty of people like this one, who notice the absence of the man in the infomercial:

In just over four bland minutes, you've thoroughly tarnished the work of Mr. Stanley, and all of the designers, artists, photographers and visionaries he inspired. Please, stop this brand bloodletting immediately. It's way too painful to watch.

And this one:

What a brutal bludgeoning to one of the truly pioneering brands in fashion. A total absence of connection with the design innovation and leadership that has differentiated Neiman's for 100 years, combined with an obvious lack of understanding of the venue. What were you possibly thinking?..."hmmm, hey I got it - let's celebrate a century of distinguished design by reducing great subject matter to the level of an 80s industrial documentary and a 70s needledrop music track!"

And, yes, plenty of people just hate the store; how many "Needless Markup" comments are there, anyway? Too many to count. --Robert Wilonsky

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