Still Dreaming of a (Danny) White Christmas?

At this risk of turning this into Sportsy Thursday (here comes Richie...), we thought we'd mention at this late date The Know Your Dallas Cowboys Blog, which bills itself as a "Generally Less-Than-Serious Look at America's Team." It's a brilliantly done compendium of Cowboys info way past and very present; hell, the thing's so good we'd actually pay for it. (This, not s'much.)

Well, we were reminded of TKYDCB today when, whilst cruising Deadspin for lack of anything better to do, we stumbled across some video that was shot to accompany the release of the Dallas Cowboys Christmas 1986 album. Turns out the vid came from TKYDCB in September, but, really, what better way to usher out the holiday season -- and a Cowboys season that went from disaster to dynamite to potential debacle -- than by giving you a taste of a Danny White Christmas? There are four parts, incidentally, if you can stomach more. Us, not s'much. The video for "We Are Livin' the American Dream" is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: The Dallas Cowboys, "We Are Livin' the American Dream" (from Dallas Cowboys Christmas 1986)


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