Stoneleigh Finally Makes it Official: The Grand Re-Opening Will Be March 3

For forever, the Stoneleigh Hotel's been promising it'll open the doors to a renovated gem in "early 2008" -- well, actually, at one point it was fall 2007. (Of course, back then it was also a $28-million makeover, and now the price tag's a little closer to $36 million.) Well, it's early 2008, and despite some previews for the fortunate and the well-heeled, there's been no exact date given for its re-opening -- till this morning. The official word is that the 84-year-old hotel will reopen on March 3.

But it'll be a soft opening at first, says Shelby Shelton, who sent out the announcement. "Grand opening events will follow later on," she tells Unfair Park, but no word yet on what that means exactly. Still, David Bull's eatery, Bolla, and the 5,000-square foot spa will indeed be ready to go the day before the Texas primaries, for what that's worth. --Robert Wilonsky

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