Stoner Chic

Stoner Chic

The herbal life: I would like to thank you for publishing this story ("The Other Farmers Market," by Anonymous, October 13). It's a great way to open people's eyes to the truth about marijuana. I'm a 19-year-old university student, and I've recently made the switch to the herbal life. I understand that my age will cause most to laugh at my attempt to justify and rationalize the truth, yet I welcome opposing viewpoints. A few months ago I used to be like so many other people my age, overweight, ADD, overstressed, drinking and taking prescription drugs. Then I decided to make a change in my life and stopped using the substances that are marketed directly toward me. I haven't had anything to drink or any medication for months now, and I can't describe how much better I feel. I rarely smoke herb; I actually vaporize it. While an herbal cigarette is nice when I want to smoke when I'm out somewhere, when I'm at home I vaporize. A vaporizer basically heats the effective oils off of the herb by using a hot stream of air. The herb is never burned and there is no smoke; therefore, no harmful side effects are associated with vaporizing.

Think for a second what would happen to the alcohol and tobacco industry if people could legally vaporize high-quality marijuana. Think about this, people: I get high safely, and nothing bad is going to happen to me unless the government finds out and makes my life a living hell. When I'm not at home I enjoy going to art shows, museums, clubs, rock shows at small venues, to festivals and of course eating at many fine restaurants around town. All of which are better to me when I'm blazed. I cause no harm or present no danger to anyone around me at any time, yet every time I go to a show I am exposed to a bunch of second-hand smoke that might give me lung cancer. What did I do to deserve that? What about the guy behind me who's had a few too many beers and has gotten a bit aggressive? He'd be a lot more peaceful if he was sober or stoned, but instead he drank a few too many $4 beers and decided to throw his bottle at my back and not the trash can next to me.

My health and safety are endangered by these drug users, and it enrages me that my government is OK with it. Are y'all OK with industry lobbyists running your life? I'd prefer that facts dictate our government and society.

Name withheld


Give me a break: Seven pages of great journalism with chestnuts like:

"These days, marijuana growers have become purveyors of taste and enablers of style."

"It really influences my creativity, and I mean that in a good way."

"On any given day, you can jog down many streets in Oak Cliff or northeast Dallas and smell the distinct aroma of marijuana."

Where did you find the boob who wrote this story? I have no problem with pot smokers. I have no problem with the Dallas Observer running articles exploring the drug culture. But this story, filled with largely unsubstantiated statements and anecdotal evidence, was just bad. The "obvious reasons" the author wanted to remain anonymous must include that his parents would totally ground him, take away his PS2, and he plans on turning this in to his English teacher as his senior term paper. Tripe like this doesn't belong on the front page.

My eyes were rolling so hard, they fell out of my head.

David Moore


Happily hydro: I love your story on the hydro pot. We need to realize that marijuana is a relatively harmless drug that is enjoyed daily by millions of Americans. As a mid-50s Oak Cliff white guy, I am encouraged by the number of my friends who are turning back to marijuana after years of demon alcohol. Thank you again.

Max Edison


Why "Anonymous?": While reading "The Other Farmer's Market" in the October 13 issue, I couldn't help but notice how the anonymous author (I'll call him/her "Chris") inserted himself into the end of what had been a balanced and interesting report on local marijuana growers. The whole need for "Chris" to hide behind the veil of secrecy would have been alleviated if "Chris" could have refrained from inserting his own recent experiences with smoking pot.

What makes this misstep even sadder is that a few paragraphs prior to "Chris" jumping into his own story, "Peter" is pointing out the silliness of people acting like "Chris." "Chris" should stick to journalism, and leave the designer-marijuana name-dropping for when "Chris" is trying to impress his friends.

But now that I've vented, I would like to congratulate "Chris" on a fair job of depicting the society and culture of today's hydroponic growers. It was interesting to read the opinions of the law held by "Ace" and "Gene." I wish it wasn't illegal, because typing all these damn quotation marks is tedious.

John Hines


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