StreetBeat! No, Wait. Scene, Heard! No, Wait. Whatever. Here's Some Free Local Music.

While I'm sitting around waiting for a few call-backs, a suggestion: Head over to DC9 for a moment, where Pete's got some songs worth downloading to your Walkman or whatever it is you kids use to listen to music these days. I highly recommend Roy Hargrove's swingin' "Ms. Garvey, Ms. Garvey" off the Booker T. grad's upcoming big-band Emergence; seems like only yesterday Wynton Marsalis was in town to school the Waco native on the art of blowing one's horn.

Also worth the trip to our music blog is Trey Johnson's "Unfavorable Way" off the former Sorta frontman's new Mount Pelée; absolutely stunning. And speaking of Sorta and stunning, Pete's also posted the first single to Danny Balis's solo debut Too Much Living, in stores September 1 but available for pre-ordering now. It's called "Tethered," and the commenter on DC9 who references Don Williams, well, that sounds 'bout right. And speaking of Danny, yes, I'll be riding shotgun with him yet again on The Orphanage this Saturday, and we're gonna burn a few segments with a track-by-track run-through from Too Much Living -- my very NPR request, to which he's given the enthusiastic okee-doke. So do tune in for an extended sneak peek.

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