All I want for Christmas is the chance to dance with Emmitt Smith. Now, where's my earring of honor?

Struttin' With Smitty

Much as this pains me, I cannot deny your (creepy) fascination with watching grown men dance. So, in the spirit of Christmas, here goes: You can win a chance to dance with Emmitt Smith and his Dancing with the Stars' partner Cheryl Burke. What a gift to give the wife, eh? And it will only cost $10,000. Or more. Probably more.

That's the opening bid for the Christmas combo platter offered by Park Place Maserati and Emmitt Smith Charities. The package will be auctioned off uring a private dinner at The Mansion on Turtle Creek on December 12. The cool part? The public can also bid via e-mail. The first five e- mail bidders will be dialed into the auction. Deadline for e-mail bidding is noon next Tuesday, but I'm sure you already quit reading this and are hastily bolstering your bid with a bunch of commas and zeroes.

More details after the jump. Or hop, skip and twirl, if you will.

The package features a private dance lesson from Emmitt and Cheryl for the winning bidder and four other couples. The dance lesson will be followed by an exclusive dinner prepared by The Mansion on Turtle Creek's executive chef John Tesar, either at the restaurant or the winning bidder's home. And, just for kicks, Park Place Maserati will provide a Quattroporte for the week. Don't even know what that is. Sounds like either a electronic gizmo I could've used to plug in four strands of Christmas lights instead of blowing all my fuses last night, or perhaps a really sleek chick-magnet. Let's go with the latter.

Happy bidding. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.