Subdivided and Conquer

Got a missive yesterday from a Little Forest Hills resident who reminds us to mark the calendar: January 3. A little early still, but the reason's a good one: That's when University of Texas-Dallas new media and emergent communications professor Dean Terry's documentary Subdivided debuts on KERA-TV. Had no idea. Mazel tov to the prof, whose movie I apparently called "absolutely beautiful" when I wrote about it in June. And if you can't wait that long, Terry's posted a stack of stills from the movie, which is more or less about the swallowing of Little Forest Hills by giant McMansions, on Flickr for you to peruse at your leisure. Maybe you can make a flip book, dunno.

There's also a Subdivided blog that Terry's operating, with footage not in the movie -- like a sequence in which the great performance artist and writer Fred Curchack exhibits road rage. There will also be a DVD forthcoming; surely the LFH mafia knows all about it. Watching parties are in the works. So plan ahead. Show start at 8 p.m. -- an hour after the Sugar Bowl starts down in New Orleans. LSU and Notre Dame, right? How to choose... --Robert Wilonsky

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