Sunday Morning Coming Down: Lower Greenville in 1947, And the Rolling Stones in Fort Worth (and Houston) in 1972

A couple of items to get you through a gloomy Sunday morning ...

While we're on the subject of rebuilding the block of Lower Greenville destroyed by an electrical fire at Terilli's Tuesday morning, a good Friend of Unfair Park regifts the above photo he received this week: "Luke Zaby and son Vincent with Budweiser Clydesdales in front of his Greenville Grill, known today as the Greenville Bar & Grill." It was taken circa 1947. Luke Zaby owned the Greenville Grill, which opened in '33, from '38 till his death in '55 ...

And, while trolling for something new to listen to whilst running Sunday-morning errands, I came across this astounding, essential live Rolling Stones collection recorded in Houston and Fort Worth in June 1972, during the Exile on Main St. tour. It's the "soundtrack" to a little-seen '74 in-concert doc called Ladies and Gentleman: The Rolling Stones.

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