Sunny Day Real Estate: Where Those Who Lease, Sell and Buy Property Will Be Tuesday

Several good Friends of Unfair Park have big plans to attend Tuesday's real-estate confab at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre: the first-ever North Texas Realty Symposium. The schedule seems to cover all comers, with bold-faced panels planned for residential, retail, lending, commercial and apartments -- and Schutze'll take particular interest in the 3:30 p.m. discussion "Dallas/Fort Worth's Increasing Importance as a Logistics Hub" all about the Allen Group.

The event, full of familiar faces to real-estaters and people who drive by for-sale signs, is being put on by the Appraisal Institute's North Texas Chapter, whose VP, Jim Underhill, tells this morning that the symposium was years in the making and couldn't come at a better time -- which is to say, at a more precarious moment. There's "a softer demand" for real estate these days, but of course, says Underhill. "Plus there tends to be a disconnect between buyers and sellers and what's being priced." Today's the last day for discounted registration. In unrelated news, how many times a week do you think someone tries to put it on Mr. Underhill's account?

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky