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Magnetic yellow ribbons slapped on the back of your ride not troop-supporting enough for you? Yellow bow tied around a prominent tree in the yard starting to lose its impact? Looking for a new way to prove you're supporting the troops, damn it? Also, do you need a new $3,800 watch?

If so, you're in luck. Starting today, the selfless Swiss folks at luxury pen- and watch-makers Montblanc are sponsoring a letter-writing campaign "designed to encourage America's children to show their support for military men and women deployed overseas," all by making sure that in the process, you and the family make as many visits to Montblanc locations as possible. For the troops, of course.

But the discriminating tastes of our troops mean that Little Jimmy can't just send over any old drawing, and Montblanc understands this. To participate in their campaign, you'll have to swing the little tyke by the Montblanc store at NorthPark Centerl to pick up "special stationary" on which to express his thanks. If Little Jimmy rocks Montblanc's Swiss faces right off, he might get to be one of five lucky kids whose entry will be on display in his/her local store. Members of the community are then "encouraged to come to their local Montblanc boutique" to vote for a winner.

For every vote cast, Montblanc will donate $1--up to a whopping $5,000--to Our Military Kids. Gosh, that's almost two whole Montblanc watches.

Should you need a kicker: the best entries stay on display in the store, and the chaff is sent to troops. Sorry, troops. --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.