The outside of Nicola's in Plano

Sure, Cremona's Gone. But Now, Dallas, We're Getting a Nicola's.

Having never eaten at Nicola's Ristorante Italiano -- me, I don't like to drive to Oklahoma or Plano, I forget which comes first -- I don't know whether this is a big deal, epicuriously speaking. But for the intersection of Preston Road and Northwest Highway, or close enough, this is no doubt a big deal -- hence, the "exclusive" tag courtesy, which today notes that BentleyForbes Group has locked in Nicola's to an 11-year lease in the Chase office tower in Preston Center. (Or is that Preston Commons?) Says the piece, it'll be 8,100 square feet of "eye candy." But, again, how's the food? Oh, you don't say? Well, then, very good news indeed come February 2009. --Robert Wilonsky


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