Sure, Gene Simmons Was At His Fair Park Party Last Night. But So Too Were Burton Gilliam, Randy Travis and Other Familiar Faces.

Our Danny Hurley skated down to Fair Park last night for Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed's Aces & Angels poker tourney, concert and salute-to-the-troops. And while a slide show's forthcomingHere's our slide show, but I wanted to post a few images sooner than later -- any chance to run a picture of Burton Gilliam (who, matter of fact, grew up on the Fair Park grounds), Randy Travis, so-called "poker brat" Phil Hellmuth ... and, hey, lookie there, Frank Campagna.

Reports Danny, who could be prone to hyperbole:

It was the biggest media gig I have encountered. I was sardined at the red carpet for two hours (the whole thing was running hours behind), at which point a woman approached and said Gene requested we treat the soldiers as celebrities.

Gene and Shannon were surrounded most of the night by their TV crew and security; the thing was filmed for Family Jewels. On display: tons of booze and food and poker. The signed pic of KISS went for around 13 grand. Gene tried to offer five grand to spend the rest of the night with him and Shannon -- I don't think anyone took him up on the offer. The auction items were sports- and rock-oriented and quite impressive at that. The motorcycle, though, never made it -- wheels were stuck somewhere in the ice.

More photos follow.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.