Sure, Now We Discover "David From Dallas" And His Work. Right Before He Leaves.

Yesterday, good Friend of Unfair Park IgnoreLander shot me a link to the Flickr photostream of one "davidfromdallas." He also included this note: "Not sure if Dave really is from Dallas, but I came across this guy during some random Web surfing. Might be someone to watch out for in the future, as his designs are pretty cool. Thought Unfair Park should be aware." I then spent the next way too long sifting through davefromdallas's work -- a sharp, clever rearranging of pop-culture totems.

But is he from here? Sure is. This sketch on Page 2 gave it away.

So I sent David an e-mail. He replied with his phone number. I called him. We had a brief chat. His name is David Soams. He's a Dallas native, a recent UT Texas Creative grad and in the advertising bidness. So happens, we discover, his parents live exactly one block away from me. He also makes brilliant T-shirts, some of which you can buy through Woot or Threadless. Like this one. Or this one. And he's moving to the West Coast within the month.

This piece, Good Guys in Bad Games, is his most recent. He posted it to his Flickr page earlier this week, and it made its way rather quickly to the gamer sites and Reddit. David says he's especially fond of his Frankenstein piece. And this piece, among the few to be sold separately:

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