The Monte Cristo -- was it ever delicious?

Sure, the Food at Bennigan's is Mediocre. But at Least It's Cheaper Now.

Public-relations move or public service -- there is a very fine line, especially when it comes to so-so dining conducted amongst pieces of flair. Nevertheless. Last week it was free coffee; today through June 16, it's a mere five bucks for lunch at Bennigan's -- drink included, if you order among the 10 items including the unfortunately monikered Turkey O’Toole, the Monte Cristo (which, if memory serves, was awesome-terrible) and the dynamic duo of Irish Grilled Cheese & Tomato Basil Soup. It's the Plano-based chain's latest attempt to jump-start its struggling fast-casual business -- and, say, whatever became of the Quick Grill prototype, come to think of it? Says Metromedia Restaurant Group's director of marketing, she expects other fast-casuals to follow suit: "In this economy, they'll have to [lower their prices]." Which might get me back to Chili's yet. --Robert Wilonsky


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