Suspense is Building? Don't Tell Jim.

As Unfair Park has dutifully informed you, The Trinity Trust this week debuted an advertising campaign for the Calatrava signature bridge "under construction" (or not) on the Trinity River, called "Suspense is Building." Oh, yeah?

The purpose is to convey the impression that all is well with the bridge project and progress toward completion of Dallas's faux suspension bridge has been just MAHVELOUS! MAHVELOUS!

I have decided, therefore, to launch my own campaign to proffer my own view of the project, which is that it is literally and figuratively DEAD IN THE WATER! Not a stitch of work is going on. I drive by it all the time. It's dead. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has not yet and may never give the city permission to complete this half-built hundred-million-dollar folly. It is destined to become the largest standing monument to municipal stupidity in America.

So ... I call my campaign, "Calatravahenge! A Neolithic Relic of the Future." On my way to the office from the federal building yesterday, I stopped and shot some snaps of the wonderful progress underway at the site. See what you think.

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