Sweep the Legs! It's Gonna Cost More -- and Take Longer -- to Get Rid of Reunion Arena.

When last we saw Reunion Arena, it looked like "a coffee table from 1974." Or, "that carport thingie that's going up in the Arts District." Turns out, it'll stay that way a while longer -- like, oh, till at least January of next year. How come?

Under the arena's exterior plaster finish, there is a layer of styrofoam insulation backing material mounted on concrete masonry units which circle the upper ring of the arena. It has been determined that blasting operations would result in breaking the insulation material into small particles, resulting in contamination of the recycled concrete fill material. The impact of blasting adjacent to the insulation membrane probably would spread insulation material outside the limits of the job site, resulting in environmental impact and extensive cleanup procedures.

That bit of information comes from the Dallas City Council's addendum for tomorrow's meeting, during which the council will also vote to give Austin-based A&R Demolition an additional $49,800 to tend to the "unforeseen" problem -- thereby upping the cost to get rid of the thing to $2,138,800. We were warned about this back in June. But at this point, why get rid of the remnant? It's turning out to be the most interesting attraction in downtown.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.