Swinging Over to Our Part of Town

Welcome aboard, Mike Fisher! I think.

Considering his recent plight on a cruise ship dodging Ike in the Gulf of Mexico, you’d think Fisher would stay put for awhile. But, alas, here he is.

At least temporarily, one of the area’s best sportswriters is also one of the area’s best swingerwriters. I know he’s got a million pens in a million fires, but with this week's freelanced cover story and this ensusing blog item, for this week at least he feels like one of us.

As I’ve mentioned before, I worked alongside Fisher for years at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The way we remember it, we used to routinely kick the ass of a Dallas Morning News' tandem consisting of Tim Cowlishaw and Ed Werder.

Two questions: 1) Wonder what became of them? 2) Perhaps we peaked too soon?

His scintillating story about a sexy subject is typical Fisher. Well-reported. Well-organized. Well-done.

It has very, very little to do with sports in case you're wondering, but does answer all our relevant questions about Dallas’ perverted and apparently prominent underground:

*Is it just about sex? Sorta.

*What if my husband falls in love with somebody else’s wife? They fall in lust, not love.

*What if the wife looks like Heather Locklear but the husband looks like Buddy Hackett? Pass.

*Do y’all mix in a condom? Unfailingly.

*Religious convictions, anyone? Flexible.

*Aren’t you all just a bunch of pervs? Isn't everybody?

*Hey, how does a single guy like myself get a piece of this action? Get lost.

*And finally – and let’s all say this one out loud and together: What about the children? Yeah, that's a tough one.

Fisher even investigated that nasty forehead wound/lesion/cut/thing on the forehead of "Cherry Pit" proprietor Jim Trulock. We all saw it on TV. We’re all dying to know. So …?

“We think it’s an ulcerous sore,” Trulock tells Fisher.

It’s that a doctor’s diagnosis?

“I don’t know,” Jim says. “I can’t afford a doctor.”

Welcome aboard. -- Richie Whitt

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