Tag, You're It

You've always wanted to paint on walls but your tagging skills stink? You can play outdoor artist tomorrow, which is the city of Dallas' first Graffiti Wipe Out Day; there's even a free lunch in it for you. Teams of volunteers will fan out around the city looking to clean up paint on buildings, roadways and signs.

It's too late to report a graffiti site that needs clean-up, but you can still wield a paint brush if you show up at 9 a.m. at the designated gathering spot in your area: City Hall, 1500 Marilla St.; 150 Casa Linda Plaza (theater parking lot) at Garland and Buckner roads; Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, 3601 MLK off Robert B. Cullum, Gate #6; Bachman Recreation Center, 2750 Bachman Drive; and Kiest Park, 3080 S. Hampton Road. (Check out the on-line map.) Wear painting clothes; gloves are also encouraged. Teams will leave from those spots with maps, instructions and supplies. No freelance painting allowed.

At noon, volunteers head toward City Hall for music, a free lunch provided by Carabba's Italian Grill in Lakewood, and hobnobbing with fellow volunteers: Mayor Laura Miller, various council members and Dallas police Chief David Kunkle, who, as Jim Schutze has documented, hates, hates, hates graffiti. --Glenna Whitley

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