Tagged, You're It! Terrific Short Film Takes a Look at the History of Graffiti in Dallas.

A couple of weeks back I got sucked into watching, yet again, Bomb It, Jon Reiss's extraordinary documentary about graffiti culture from NYC to Tokyo and all spray-painted points in between. Seemed a good time to stop down for the video rewind, what with Oak Cliff attorney John Barr's having been appointed the city's "graffiti czar" back in December and the city having stepped up efforts to scrub Dallas clean.

And then today I see this on YouPlusDallas: Am I Allowed To Paint This, a brief history of Dallas's graffiti scene directed by by Brandon Carmichael, produced by our pal Justin Terveen and shot by both of 'em. Which makes sense: Justin's long had a love affair with the painted word, and I can think of no one better suited to the task of documenting the history of tagging in this town.

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