Talkin' Islamic Terrorism on the Ranch

The wingding isn't till February '08, but registration closes in a couple of weeks, so act now. If, that is, you'd like to spend a couple of days out at The Ranch of the Lonesome Dove in Southlake, which just looks lovely, y'all. Just look at it -- 63 acres "full of tall oak trees and green fields," just perfect for those fall hay rides, y'all. Oh, and listen to the Web site too, with your ears: Yup, that's "Proud to Be an American," in case you had a doubt they loved this land. Not me.

Only appropriate that come February 1 and 2, something called America's Truth Forum has scheduled out at the ranch something titled "Exposing the Threat of Islamist Terrorism: A National Symposium Series." Though I guess if you're gonna have the president of the Center for Security Policy discussing "the Infiltration of Middle Eastern Influence into Washington DC Institutions" and the attorney who helped lead Bill Clinton's impeachment proceedings talk about "past terrorist attacks [to] our nation and the probabilities of additional attacks on our homeland," you'd like to have that chitchat in as idyllic a setting as possible. To calm the nerves, if nothing else. Because being scared all the time is stressful, y'all. S'mores, anyone?--Robert Wilonsky

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