Tat's the Perfect Business For You

Tat's the Perfect Business For You

Ever wanted to get in the tattoo bidness? Because, really, now's your big chance: Ace in the Hole, on W. Mockingbird Lane for the last year after moving out of its decade-in-Deep Ellum digs, is up for grabs on eBay at this very moment. And you can either take the entire business or just finish out the lease, which has slightly more than two years left on the deal.

A few things, though: The deal would be pending landlord approval, you get the equipment but none of the furniture, and you'd have to pay extra to keep the name -- because, after all, Eric Inclan's accrued quite the rep over the past 17-plus years, having put his stamp on the skin of such folks as Metallica's James Hetfield, Dennis Rodman and other famous faces. Inclan tells Unfair Park he isn't getting out of the tattooing business -- he's "just done" running a shop, especially after getting run out of Deep Ellum during the specific use permit imbroglio in 2006 and '07. So now his hard work can be yours -- opening bid's $2,500, with no takers so far. --Robert Wilonsky

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