Tattoo You (And You and You and You and You and You and You and You...)

Daniel Rodrigue
Get thee behind me, lucky 13: Oliver Peck gets back to bidness Friday and Saturday as he sets the world record for most tats delivered during a 24-hour period.

Oliver Peck set the world record early yesterday morning for inking the most tats in a 24-hour period -- 415, no kiddin', all his signature "13," not unlucky for him. But this wasn’t Peck's first marathon tattoo session: It's become an annual Friday the 13th ritual, and in 2001 he set an industry record by tattooing 320 people in one day -- but it was “unofficial,” as far as Guinness World Records was concerned. Yesterday afternoon, Unfair Park managed to contact Danny Girton Jr., the official Guinness adjudicator, by phone.

“This time, all the guidelines were met,” Girton said. “Officially, he has achieved the record, but until I get back to New York it’s not official." Apparently, there’s a Guinness computer in the Big Apple, and he has to enter the details into some computer before it’s officially official. "There are certain formalities," Girton said. “But he got the number. The record.” Our slide show documenting the march into the history books is available here. --Daniel Rodrigue

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