Texas Dominates Forbes' List of Fastest Growing Cities Thanks to "Robust" Economic Growth

Every year, Forbes puts out a list. More accurately, the magazine puts out about a gazillion lists with varying degrees of credibility, one of which ranks the fastest growing cities in the nation.

This year's results are in, and Texas managed to nab gold, silver and bronze, sweeping the top three spots (Austin, Dallas and Houston). The magazine was not particularly surprised by this revelation, given that census figures had already revealed that the state welcomed 427,000 new residents between August 2011 and July 2012.

"Robust labor markets, unemployment rates under 6% (well below the national average), no state income tax, a business-friendly regulatory environment, and strong population inflows all contributed to Texas towns' high rankings," Forbes' Morgan Brennan writes.

Dallas doesn't get quite the love that top-ranked Austin does. That city is described in the article as an "economic powerhouse" and "a very relaxed place full of smart people who work their tails off." But our economy is projected to grow by a healthy 5.9 percent during 2013, with the population swelling by 2.1 percent. And that was before Attorney General Greg Abbott laid out the welcome mat for gun-toting New Yorkers.

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