Texas Observer on "Signs of Life" in Downtown

Michael May's the latest to wonder whether the AT&T Performing Arts Center is going to remake downtown. Brent Brown, of bcWORKSHOP and the Dallas City Design Studio at City Hall, says, Yup, sure 'nuff, so long as you include, oh, Main Street Garden in the mix: "It's still dead on weekends, but that's changing. There's a lot more green space downtown now, and it's giving people a reason to hang around." May, whose story is accompanied by a very NPR audio piece, also manages to work in Gene Jones's work decorating Cowboys Stadium with all that fancy-schmancy artwork. May encounters one Cowboys fan who was indeed mighty impressed with Olafur Eliasson's Moving Stars Take Time: "It just made me feel like I was floating, like I was high. I'd already had one margarita, so it just took me to another level."

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Robert Wilonsky
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