Thanks to George Gimarc and His Ginormous Stax o' Wax, You Can Now Do "The Dallas Push"

The great George Gimarc called yesterday to talk about ... look, I forget what. But at some point, the man who introduced me -- and a generation of kids who would have otherwise been stuck listening to Boston and Styx and Kansas in the early 1980s -- to punk rock suggested I take a look at the photos page maintained by the just-moved-to-Waxahachie Texas Musicians Museum, which used to be further south in Hillsboro.

George, God bless him, has spent the last few weeks posting ... let's see if I have this straight ... 1,358 photos to the site, including promo photos of such local luminaries as The Chessmen, The Rogues and The In-Crowd on the set of Bonnie and Clyde. And since the end of May, he's cataloged hundreds and hundreds of photos of 45s cranked out by long-forgotten labels (Bismark, Castle, Donnybrook) and their longer-forgotten artists. "It's just a start," he says. "When I find a little bit, I just grab a box and go for it."

But one in particular, posted yesterday, was completely new to me:

Wes Reynolds's "The Dallas Push."

I asked George if the mid-'60s single was all right. He said it was "pretty good" -- not as good as, say, "Dance, Franny, Dance," but it's got a good beat, and you can dance to it. At which point he kindly ripped and converted a copy, which he said I was free to share with the Friends of Unfair Park. Feel free to thank him next Wednesday, when the Vinyl Preservation Society has its monthly "spin-o-rama" at the Bryan Street Tavern at 8.

Wes Reynolds's "The Dallas Push."

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