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Thanksgiving Loves the Friends of Unfair Park

May I suggest, at this late date, a sure-fire brussels sprouts recipe for those in need of a last-minute green thing on the table tomorrow? You will not regret it. Also: Balcones Baby Blue, which, far as I know, is the only made-in-Texas bourbon commercially available; guaranteed to get you through any family gathering. And, for those who'll spend the better part of tonight cooking and/or driving and/or drinking, a few musical selections: unreleased Band rehearsals (with horns!), the best Stones cover you've never heard, Centro-matic redoing something from Redo the Stacks, my favorite Michael McDonald song ever, some Bobby Patterson just because, a most delightful collection of punk classics all folked up (includes Lisa Loeb and the Bad Livers), the four-track master of Edie and the New Bos performing on Fry Street in 1987 and ... what's that, Greggo? Yes, Fry Street.

To all the Friends of Unfair Park, we hope yours is a most happy Thanksgiving. We love you all. Yes, even you. Back on Friday.

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Robert Wilonsky
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