Thanksgiving Tower -- A Fine Downtown Skyscraper and a Terrific Dance Floor. Wha?

Whilst looking for items of interest on the YouTube this afternoon, I came across this what-the-what: six people dancing -- which is to say, twirling and gliding and bouncing -- on (or, rather, off) the side of Thanksgiving Tower Sunday morning. So I called Younan Properties to find out what was going on over there. To which the woman on the other end of the line said: Well, there wasn't anything scheduled yesterday, but tomorrow, matter of fact, Cirque du Soleil's got a little something-something special planned on the Pacific side of the building from noon till 1:30 p.m. Consider this a dry run and a sneak peek. More to come.

Update: It's not Cirque du Soleil after all, but Project Bandaloop, which has been hired to promote ... well, what exactly, no one's saying yetReliant Energy's new service plan, per a DPD release announcing the 11 a.m. to noon street closure along Pacific Avenue. But there will indeed be lunch for those who show up at noon. On his Twitter account, Bandaloop's technical director, Thomas Cavanagh, described yesterday's pre-performance thusly: "Early morning in Dallas. Big Building. Heat wave. Rope. Spanset. Coffee."

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