Fred Baron is very powerful. And influential. And he does not like the Dallas Observer.

That Fred Baron, Bud

Says here that attorney Fred Baron, co-founder of local law firm Baron & Budd, has been included on a list of the nation's 100 most influential attorneys as selected by The National Law Journal. The complete list is available here, but suffice it to say Baron's the only local attorney to make the list, and jut one of four from Texas. Here's what the country's top legal newspaper has to say about the tort master general:

"Founder of the firm, Baron has built it into one of the largest toxic tort firms in the country; lead attorney in cases involving water contaminated by the gasoline additive MTBE, lead contamination, toxic waste and pesticide exposure; has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court twice to decertify class action settlements involving future claims of asbestos-related injuries; represented 1,600 Tucson, Ariz., residents who claimed exposure to water contaminated by trychloroethylene; past president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America; founder and past president of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice."

And if yer interested, this is what the paper version of Unfair Park has had to say about Baron & Budd in the past:

"To hear lawyers at the Dallas law firm of Baron & Budd tell it, they are frontline warriors in a battle against callous corporations whose product, asbestos, claimed the lives and health of thousands of working men.

But the first casualty of war is truth, and at Baron & Budd, one of the city's most successful law firms, the truth, if not killed outright, is sometimes missing in action."

You might wanna check this out too. And this. And this. And this. Just sayin'. --Robert Wilonsky

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