This 6-year-old will kick your ass if you don't vote for him.

That Kid Keeps Going and Going and Going...

Afraid that voting for Dallas' own Sam in the Meow Mix House over and over again on company time might start to raise some red flags over in IT? Well, there's another local whippersnapper who desperately needs your online votes: Dustin Wilen from Frisco. The 6-year-old is up for an inaugural spot in the first-ever Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame for his dedication to karate. The kid went from zero to black belt in two years, and he did 20 hours of community service, wrote a book report and a research paper and ran a 9:45 mile in addition to all that, you know, martial arts stuff.

Every time you vote, a buck gets donated to the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation. If he wins (and he already made it past 1,200 other nominees) Dustin will get $10,000 cash and $5,000 to put toward his favorite charity. The Energizer organization honors people who are into stuff like perseverance, determination and having a "never-quit attitude." Yeah, we don't get it either. Drinks at the Grapevine at 4, ya'll? --Andrea Grimes

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