That Smoke You Saw Earlier? Wedgwood Tower, Scene of a Four-Alarm Blaze.

The smoke's cleared from the sky by now, but this was the view out the windows of Unfair Park HQ a little while ago, looking southwest at a mighty plume of smoke rising from the roof of the Wedgwood Tower Residences, an apartment building that, until recently, had been home mostly to elderly residents.

Smoke from the four-alarm fire could be seen for 10 miles, the AP said, and this isn't the first time the building's seen a major blaze. One person died in a six-alarm fire in December 2005, when according to Dallas Fire-Rescue, there was no sprinkler system installed.

The building dates to 1963, but last year in the paper version of Unfair Park, a major facelift on the building had us wondering if the tower was about to be the next big thing in Oak Cliff living.

WFAA's Steve Stoler has reported the fire looks like it's centered on the rooftop air conditioning unit -- the one visible through the smoke in news chopper footage, sporting a not-too-enticing ad for "Luxury Apartments Now Leasing."

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