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That's So Craig Watkins!

Craig Watkins, you are one powerful man. Seriously, that's what Ebony says in its May issue (the "Ebony Power 150" issue, to be exact), and who are we to argue with the fact that the Dallas County District Attorney has "The New Power"? The magazine's list of "the next generation of African-American leaders" isn't online yet, so we're including it after the jump. But suffice it to say, Watkins is keeping very interesting company when he's included on a list featuring AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent, the guy who invented the spinning rim, a New York Times writer and...Raven-Symone. --Robert Wilonsky

THE NEW POWER The next generation of African-American leaders

TYRA BANKS, 33, talk show host, producer, founder of the Tyra Banks Scholarship and former Victoria's Secret model

CHRIS (LUDACRIS) BRIDGES, 29, rapper, actor and creator of the Ludacris Foundation

HYDEIA BROADBENT, 23, international AIDS activist

MAJORA CARTER, 40, environmental activist and founder, Sustainable South Bronx

KIRI DAVIS, 18, documentary filmmaker who created the award-winning documentary A Girl Like Me

JEFF FRIDAY, 42, founder/CEO of Filmlife Inc., creator of the American Black Film Festival

DAVID FOWLKES, 35, president of Davin Wheels and inventor of the Davin "Revolution" Wheel, i.e., "spinning rims"

IAN HARDMAN, 40, CEO and co-founder of Davin Wheels

RALPH GILLES, 37, vice president Jeep/Truck and color, fabric and mastering design for Chrysler Group

MELLODY HOBSON, 38, president of Ariel Capital Management LLC/Ariel Mutual Funds and chairman of board of trustees for Ariel Mutual Funds

YUSEF JACKSON, 36, CEO of River North Sales & Service, a distributor for Anheuser-Busch

JONATHAN JACKSON, 41, president, Citizenship Education Fund and investor in River North Sales & Service

AARON McGRUDER, 33, cartoonist and creator of "The Boondocks" cartoon strip

LOLA OGUNNAIKE, 31, culture reporter, The New York Times

RAVEN-SYMON�, 21, actress and producer

CRAIG WATKINS, 39, Dallas County District Attorney

HYPE WILLIAMS, 37, film and video director, owner of Naaila Entertainment

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