The 10 Most Dangerous Places to Walk in Dallas

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Data provided from the TxDOT shows that there have been 83 fatal car crashes involving pedestrians on the streets of Dallas County over a 21-month-period, from January 2012 until September 2013. In that same time span, there were an additional 248 pedestrian-involved car crashes ending in an incapacitating injury. Though the driver has been hurt in a few instances, most of the time, the person who dies or gets incapacitated is the pedestrian.

Using that data, we've compiled some especially terrible places to be a pedestrian in Dallas. Addresses are approximate, based on latitutde-longtitutde numbers provided by TxDOT and calculated by Unfair Park. Some other quick data limitations to keep in mind: TxDOT could not provide the date of the crash beyond the year, nor could it release names of parties involved.

448 S. Good Latimer Expressway (above) It might cut between a friendly dog park, but crossing the street at this diagonal mess of an intersection in Deep Ellum is a pain the ass. A pedestrian was killed here last year.


The Texas 12 Loop, from Ledbetter through the Great Trinity Forest The long road to the Great Trinity Forest undergoes several name changes. The "East Ledbetter Drive" part cuts through Glendale Park and Cummings Park in southern Dallas, and it's at this stretch where a whopping six pedestrians have died since 2012.

Then Ledbetter reaches under Interstate 45, where it then becomes Great Trinity Forest Blvd. This stretch of the road has seen an additional pedestrian fatality and three serious injuries.


Residential sections of Oak Lawn Don't let the quiet, leafy streets fool you. While Cedar Springs Road is known for its bustling, pedestrian-friendly nightlife around the 4000 block, the 2000 block has seen two pedestrians get seriously hurt. Nearby, there was another incapacitating crash on Wolf Street and another on Fairmount Street.


The 2000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard One pedestrian died at 2412 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., another died at 2868, and a third was incapacitated around the 2750 block.


Grand Avenue Grand Avenue is parallel to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and is similarly wide, fast and short on crosswalks, even though houses line the street. Since 2012, there have been a pedestrian death near 2709 Grand and an injury at 2534.


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