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I've been asked many, many times in the past few days: Which movies are worth peeping at the AFI Dallas International Film? I've offered my suggestions, oh, here and even over there. And while I seem to always be leaving off a few here and there (you really must see Sundance fave Rocket Science, and the self-described doc Punk's Not Dead puts up one hell of a good fight...oh, and American Fork, you gotta see American Fork), perhaps the queries stem from the fact that for whatever reason, the AFI's site doesn't feature any trailers for films screening in the fest. (Most fests do provide that service, incidentally.)

Now, since the previews are the best part of any moviegoing experience, and since they're sorta helpful if you're stuck for choices, after the jump, our amazing editorial assistant Kaitlin Ingram has gone through the entirety of the schedule and found every single trailer that was available online. (Some films don't have trailers; in that case, outta luck.) It took a lot of work; not all this stuff's readily available on YouTube. So if you see something on the AFI sked that maybe you're, like, kinda interested in but not sure about, well, just follow the jump. And give Kaitlin your thanks. --Robert Wilonsky

AFI Dallas International Film Festival 2007 Trailers

10 Items or Less Away From Her Bad Boys II Beings Bella Berkeley Blind Dating Buddha's Lost Children Cake: A Wedding Story Canvas Darius Goes West: The Role of His Life Dark Matter Dark Passage Divine Souls Drama/Mex Eagle vs. Shark El Cortez El Mechanico Loco Eve of Understanding Exiled Fido Gilles Helvetica Hot Fuzz Inland Empire Kamp Katrina Knocking Kurt Cobain About a Son La Vie en Rose A Lawyer Walks into a Bar Life Support Linda Linda Linda Living and Dying The Lycanthrope Man in the Chair Midlothia Milk & Opium Netherbeast Incorporated Next: A Primer on Urban Painting The Night of the White Pants Operation Homecoming Paprika A Place to Dance The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah Punk's Not Dead The Rape of Europa Red Road The Rocket Screamers Severance Sharkwater Sk8 Life The Sting Strong Enough to Break Swedish Auto The Ten Third Ward, TX To Kill a Mockingbird Trade The Valet Veritas, Prince of Truth War Dance The Way We Were Who Loves the Sun Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
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Robert Wilonsky
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