Scott Dorn
How Scott Dorn sees downtown Dallas on his days off

The Best Dorn Pictures of Dallas

I've just spent the last half hour or so trolling Scott Dorn's Flickr page, where he's stored some 1,500 photos -- most of which are stunning pictures of downtown Dallas, historical city landmarks and some out-of-the-way and taken-for-granted sites. Dorn, a 37-year-old Dallas native, is one of a handful of well-known amateur photographers documenting this town and has been for the past decade -- "beginning with the Dr Pepper building and going from there," he tells Unfair Park this afternoon.

Actually, he's not quite an amateur: Though he works at Wolf Camera & Video on Forest Lane in northwest Dallas, his photo of the 30-foot-high mosaic sculpture on the Mercantile Continental Building was recently featured in a Dallas Morning News real-estate story, and Pegasus News has run a few of his photos of buildings on their way to being torn down.

"I shoot all the time, when I have a day off," Dorn says. "I just care about our city and want to record it, photographically speaking... And it keeps me from thinking about the depressing things in life." If you go to his "professional" Web site, or his other photography home page featuring photos from the Mercantile taken with council member Angela Hunt, you'll find a way to reach Dorn -- who, yes, would be more than happy to sell you prints from his collection, at a totally reasonable price. Me, I'd like some of these. A few from here. And here ... --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.