Tod Seelie
St. Vincent (otherwise known as Annie Clark) is one step closer to releasing her full-length debut. Till then, an early Christmas present...

The Best Song Around "These Days"

Our pal Chris Cantalini at Gorilla vs. Bear today posts the latest from the greatest local singer going, Annie Clark (or St. Vincent, as she's billed). Clark's currently in Europe playing with Sufjan Stevens--the tour ends in Iceland with two shows this Friday and Saturday--and whilst on the road she's selling a three-song EP consisting of the longtime Unfair Park fave "Paris is Burning," the new cut "What Me Worry" and a cover of Jackson Browne's "These Days," which has been recorded or performed by the likes of Paul Westerberg, Fountains of Wayne, Elliott Smith and 10,000 Maniacs, among others.

"These Days" was originally recorded by the breathy-breathless Nico on her 1967 album Chelsea Girl; as Cantalini writes on GvsB, "the nature of Nico's version, that of a post-VU drug addict, has been in some sense cleansed; what's left is this crisp, vibrant version which still exists fully in the original's melancholy." In short: It's the second-best version of the song ever recorded. It'd be the third, if an oft-bootlegged Elliott Smith live version had ever made it inside a recording studio.

In other St. Vincent news, Clark e-mailed us the other day with tremendous news: Her full-length debut is finished--mastered, even. And though it's still scheduled for a spring 2007 release, well, it's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. --Robert Wilonsky

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