The Bottom Hasn't Fallen Out of Dallas' Topless Bar Biz, Clearly

Damn right topless bars in Dallas are big business: Today comes nudes ... pardon, news ... that Houston-based Rick's Cabaret International Inc. is buying The Executive Club on Stemmons Freeway for damned near $10 million -- to be paid entirely in ones, of course. Which has enlarged Rick's stock price considerably, according to the now-16-club chain. The news comes only a week after the Spearmint Rhino opens its Dallas location in the old Old San Francisco Steak House Composite Drive, where we had our high-school senior dinner way back in '86. (Now it sounds like an excellent spot for a class reunion, eh, T.J. Patriots?) Proves once and for all that while Dallas may have too many hotels, it'll never have enough topless joints. --Robert Wilonsky

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