Movies are Cool, too

The Box: My Top 10 Questions.

The Box.jpg
Sorry, guess again.
​What better way to beat Walking Pneumonia than by chilling at the movies, hopped up on Zithromax, Mucinex and Milk Duds?

And, dare I say, checking out Cameron Diaz' box.

I love "Would you accept $5 million in exchange for once a day, every day, going into a completely darkened room for an hour during which at some point you would be administered a tangible level of pain short of permanent disability, dismemberment and death?" hypotheticals. So I saw The Box last night.

I'm a pretty black-or-white, in-or-out guy. But color me gray, I'm still not sure what I saw. Is it a hypothetical piece of genius, brilliantly framed by life-out-there wonderment and pastel '70s color? Or is it merely a cheesy sci-fi, culled from the cutting room floor of The Twilight Zone?

I'd have a better answer, if I didn't have some many damn questions.

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