The Butterscotch Stallion's Faithful Sidekick and Other Famous Faces' Doggone Book

Current Dallas Morning News photographer David Woo and former Dallas Morning News photographer Richard Pruitt have been moonlighting on a side project: a coffee-table book titled Top Dogs and Their Pets, proceeds from which toward rescuing, rehabbing and re-housing abused puppies. The book's not out till November, but I discovered the site through a series of making-of videos being posted by Pediment Publishing (which, right, sounds like where Elaine Benes used to work) featuring the likes of Kinky Friedman, Sara Hickman, Dr. Phil and Steve Miller and their pets. (Miller's video is now after the jump.)

They're just a tip of the bold-faced iceberg: The book's site features copious photos of Owen Wilson and Jimmy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Byron Nelson, Sully Sullenberger, Lisa Loeb, Isaac Mizrahi, Robert Decherd (!), Tony Dorsett and George W. Bush. Like to see that video. Till then, then, how 'bout a classic rocker from St. Mark's and Woodrow?

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