The City of Dallas Sure Loves Alliterative Campaigns and Characters

Perry the Pipe will beat the hell out of you if you dump grease down your drain.

Every time I go to the city's Web site, I see this: "Mayor Tom Leppert has proclaimed the week of June 1st thru 7th 'Cease the Grease' Week." In short, Dallas Water Utilities and Griffin Industries have teamed up with four local groceries to recycle and dispose of your used cooking oil and grease. Which is a fine idea, as my plumber's reminded me after a couple of visits to unclog the kitchen drain.

Also, have you met Perry the Pipe? Coulda sworn he was a Sopranos character. And, really, I'm very interested in who comes up with these slogans and characters at City Hall. Because I've got nothing but free time. And many ideas for forthcoming campaigns. Let's just say I'm ready when the city decides it's time to go vegetarian. --Robert Wilonsky

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